Details of MARS FINDER

Intelligent Snippet

Site Search MARS FINDER snippets generate easy-to-read sentences that describe the features of the page. By analyzing content and determining page-specific information, it identifies important words and sentences and displays search results that are more interesting to users. MARS FINDER automatically generates all of these snippets.



What is a snippet?

The part of the page where the search hits is partially displayed is called a snippet. English (Snippet) for “snip” and “fragment”. Previous snippets displayed many hits in the search. While there was a visual indication of how well the keyword matched, the more hits there were, the more fragmented the sentence was. 

Visible Search & Visible PDF

Search results that quickly locate the information you require

Visible Search provides visitor a preview frame inside search results screen. Search keywords highlights makes the precise location of required information on a page clear, which enables the user to find information faster than ever before.

Easily browse PDFs on search results screen

Visible Search also supports PDF file previews. 

Visible search is used on the MARS FLAG Corporation website. If you are browsing from a PC, you can try this out with an actual search results screen from the link below. Just click “+Zoom” to try it out.

“One Look” Thumbnails

Besides showing the pages with a full page capture, you can also display products or services images thumbnails on the search results screen. “One Look” thumbnails navigates your users to recommended pages with attractive search results that are more likely to be clicked.


Quickly guide users to specific information

You can register pages to show in the recommendations section when visitors have searched for specific keywords.

Recommendation can serve as an advertising tool

 ‘’Recommendation’’ enables prompt support for advertising campaigns. Even if the searched keywords are not found on the search results, Recommendation can still guide visitors smoothly.

Flexible Keyword Match

Opposite match

If a Recommendation registered keyword is contained in any location of a search keyword, it will be displayed in the Recommendation area.
E.g.“search” is registered as a Recommendation keyword:

 /website search 
   /search engine
   /image search engine

Perfect match

When registered recommendation keyword and search keyword are perfectly matched, these are displayed as recommended page.

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