Simple Installation

Standard Features of MARS FINDER

Site Search MARS FINDER allows you to set up a search result screen on your website. We will provide you a “tag to display the search window” to be installed on each page of your website and a “tag to display the search results” to be installed on the search result screen.

  • No need to obtain a subdomain for website search.
  • No need to obtain and extra SSL license.
  • Flexible design modifications.

List of Functions

SSL/IPv6 Compatible  

Basic Authentication Support

Crawl websites restricted by Basic 
authentication and acquire captured images.

Administration Screen

Website search MARS FINDER has a management screen that allows you to browse various search logs and set search services.

Global Support

Site search service available worldwide

MARS FINDER is available worldwide, supporting Global Marketing and Website Governance. MARS FINDER can be used as a global marketing tool for individual countries as it provides search results screens by country and logs can be collected respectively. With search results shown based on the target countries, MARS FINDER creates a website search service specific to the culture needs.

Multilingual Support

MARS FINDER is available in Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Greek, Spanish, German, Turkish, French, Vietnamese, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Persian. [21 languages as of July 2017]

The languages listed above have been prepared as templates for search result screens. You can freely create original language templates using editable labels.

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